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Dance Place (Brookland)
3225 8th St. NE
Washington, DC 20017

If you've gotta dance or want to watch choreographed shows, four resident companies, classes for adults More.
(202) 269-1600


Sat, 8:00 pm; Sun, 4:00 pm; February 10 & 11



Kei Takei & Maida Withers

Kei Takei & Maida Withers

Culturadar Find Culturadar Find

Two international icons come together in an exchange of ideas and movement. Featuring solo performances by Tokyo-based Kei Takei and DC’s Maida Withers, these dance legends bring their unique voices beyond the mainstream of dance performance.

DIGG is a fiercely intimate multimedia performance created and performed by pioneering dance artist Maida Withers – an excavation of the current political landscape revealing a kaleidoscope of emotions, antagonisms and suspicions. In DIGG, there is a meeting of dance, emphatic gesture, original vocal music, video and text. Experimental vocalist Audrey Chen (Berlin) performs live, “reality-piercing” vocals. A haunting visual installation by filmmaker Linda Lewett and photographer Diane Falk features surrealistic footage shot in the 14th Century Monastery on Solovky Island, Russia coupled with images, intrigues and provocations sweeping over the current political scene.

Inspired by Japanese myth, Kei Takei’s LIGHT, Part 41 (REED) overlays the female figure with the primordial Phragmites Japonicus, or reed plant. According to the Nihon Shoki (a—¥aœ¬a›¸c´€), sometimes translated as The Chronicles of Japan, when the heavens and the earth first separated, one object, the bud of the reed plant, became visible in the void of space. Takei dances with and among these reeds to summon the ancestors and dispatch them back to the spirit world, as in Japan’s summer Obon, or Festival of the Dead.