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Atlas Performing Arts Center (NE Washington)
1333 H St. NE
Washington, DC 20002

The center includes three dance studios and two lab theaters with plans for two professional theaters More.
(202) 399-7993


Wed, June 28, 7:30 pm



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DC Jazz Festival: MBowie and the Blast

DC Jazz Festival: MBowie and the Blast

Culturadar Find Culturadar Find

YOU HAVEN’T DONE NOTHIN’ (YHDN) is an explosive multi media performance piece tethered by the music of a once in a generation artist Michael Bowie.  YHDN explores themes of social justice and the human toll of oppression. Time to Stand!  Using jazz and hip hop, dance and film, YHDN is a cry into the ether of a disparate American landscape; a cry against the oppressor at the local, state and federal level. At its core YHDN is a cry for help, a cry for freedom, a cry for redemption, a musical cry. Make no mistake the music is a soul’s invocation.  The performance is resting on musical and social tradition but ever reaching into remix of contemporary sound and today’s voice. YHDN lives in the marrow of social consciousness drawn from the veins of musical artists striving and determined to answer the call to build an America indicative of all who reside here and demand citizenship and inherent rights. We explore the civic right to stand, to stand, and to keep standing until change comes. We implore our audiences to protest and to demand their right to keep on protesting; because there is a revolution and We Are the People who will stand because YOU HAVEN’T DONE NOTHIN.